Shaftesbury, Melbury Abbas and Cann Neighbourhood Plan | Background Documents
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Background Documents

Application to NDDC for NHP Designated Area – May 2013

Enquiry by Design Document – Shaftesbury – Used as Evidence Base

Original Request for Locality Grant Funding

Background Document from North Dorset District Council

Shaftesbury View from the Hill – used as Evidence Base

Shaftesbury: Dorset Historic Towns Survey

Shaftesbury Detail, Maps and Drawings of Views (Discovering Shaftesbury)

Melbury Abbas and Cann Background Documentation
Its a brilliant little book, full ref details as follows:-

A History of Melbury Abbas, originally published 1985 by Melbury Abbas & Cann Women’s Institute, 152pp illustrated (ISBN 85126120), reproduced 2013 by Paul Reynolds of Cann Common.

Designated Area for the Neighbourhood Plan

Terms of Reference for the Committee & Register of Interest