Shaftesbury, Melbury Abbas and Cann Neighbourhood Plan |
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Welcome to the Shaftesbury, Melbury Abbas and Cann Neighbourhood Plan 2011-2031

Neighbourhood Plans are a new way for local people to get involved in shaping the future development of their area under government legislation brought in in 2012. Once adopted Neighbourhood Plans become part of the official development plan for the area – and get us money for new facilities – so they’re very important.
We’re working on our first plan right now. You can see how far we’ve got by clicking on the latest draft plan V 2. It’s only an initial draft so there’s lots more to do to it yet.


It’s important to understand this is YOUR plan, the community’s plan. And this is YOUR chance to influence what the plan will look like. So make sure you have your say. Use this site to find out what’s been happening and let us know what you want our town and area to be like in future.
Start by checking out our special SWOT test.


Help us to find out what are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) in this area by clicking HERE to see our evolving chart and add your suggestions. We really want to know.


More about what the plan is and why we’re doing it, how it shapes development, and who is on the steering committee


Review key dates in producing the plan so far and what happens next


Notes of all the SMACNPG meetings with background into plan development

Our Vision

Shaftesbury, at the heart of the area, is a peaceful, welcoming, market town with strong historic, artistic and cultural connections. It is famous for its Saxon origins, its splendid views out from the hilltop town, and being the ‘Home of Gold Hill’. Its strengths lie in the diversity of its people, its growing reputation as a centre for arts, culture and tourism, and its strong local character. In planning for our future we want to have real regard for this heritage and community spirit, and make sure we provide the basis for a prosperous, lasting future that provides a high quality of life for all who live and work in the town and surrounding villages.

The map below shows roughly the area covered by the neighbourhood plan. It will be updated as the plan progresses with projects and policies you will be able to access directly for more details by clicking on the map.